Distinctive Landscape

Creating and Maintaining a Distinctive Landscape

Distinctive Landscape is a full-service landscape company dedicated to creating and maintaining a Distinctive Landscape, servicing the Northern Utah and South-Eastern Idaho area. 

We are committed to providing quality service in a timely and professional manner. 



DWA Construction Inc. has been in the construction industry for nearly half a century, and in that time has worked with innumerable subcontractors. We demand excellence from our subcontractors in all facets of a project and Distinctive Landscape not only meets our expectations but time and time again exceeds them. They are an ideal subcontractor epitomizing quality, honesty, and hard work. They rank high on our preferred subcontractor list and we are always delighted to work with Distinctive Landscape.

Dennis W. Darley

Senior Estimator / Project Manager

DWA Construction


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